Sunday, 17 March 2019

Birmingham and West Midlands Kingfisher March 2019

Kingfisher still pairing up, pairs seen on;
Bourn Brook
River Tame
River Cole
River Cole / Kinghurst Brook
There were a pair on the River Rea but they've disappeared.
Reports of a Kingfisher at Merecroft and Wychall Reservoir, they could be the same ones as the River Rea pair.
Also my first Kingfisher at the River Cole, Babbs Mill for sometime, though this could be one of the Kinghurst Brook pair I'd seen earlier in the month.
I got a photo of one of the River Tame Kingfisher.
Not sure how many times I have visited and how many attempts I taken to try and get a photo.
Today I had to hide behind a concrete column to get this photo.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Birmingham River Cole Kingfisher

Sunday 24th February.
It had already been a good weekend for Kingfisher again, with Kingfisher on the Cole, Rea and Bourn Brook but I thought I'd have another look on the River Cole as I was up early.
There was really dense fog. I could only see a few metres in front.
At the River Cole I thought this might work in my favour as the Kingfisher would not be able to see me lol.
I chose my spot well and was dead lucky with my timing as only a few minutes later a Kingfisher flew along the river and stopped right opposite me.
I was not ready with my camera though and didn't think it would work in the fog.
Then to my surprise there was another Kingfisher. They called to each other, they flew along the river together and they sat together.
One of them was also flying up and around and went past my head a couple times.
With that I thought I best try for a photo.
Bingo! One of the Kingfisher flew in again and landed opposite me.
I took a single shot and got a photo.
Great to see a pair of Kingfisher on the River Cole again!

Monday, 18 February 2019

Birmingham Kingfisher February 2019

Friday 15th February, I'd read reports of Kingfisher activity during the week at Ryemeads and Slimbridge so was looking forward to some in Birmingham.
I first checked out the Bourn Brook and there was a surprise Little Egret on the new flood defence plain.
Then I saw a Kingfisher on the Bourn Brook opposite the new flood plain.
Funny I'd always wondered why a Kingfisher had not used this section of the brook more, as there are plenty of trees and branches overhanging the brook.
No sooner than that Kingfisher disappeared another one appeared so I knew there was a pair. And one of them was calling.
I then saw one of them fly under the blue bridge.
I then saw them sat together in a tree over the brook. My first pair of 2019.
They then flew up and down a few times calling. I think though with their calling they attracted a Sparrowhawk who flew under one of the footbridges and along the brook.
A surprise to see a bird that size go under a footbridge and fly along the brook.
I had early February found a Buzzard on the brook and that was too big and calmly flew up and around me to carry on down the brook.
Saturday the 16th of February, I thought I'd best check out the River Rea. I could not have timed it better as straight away a Kingfisher went past calling.
Then music to my ears, I heard the 2 tone call. The Kingfisher was possibly calling it's mate.
I struggled to work out where they were exactly as the call was echoing.
But I made my way to where I thought they were and sure enough I saw a single Kingfisher.
Then I backed off a little so as not to frighten them off and next time I looked I saw one fly across the river. I was ready with my camera and to my delight, the two Kingfisher were sat near each other on a tree stump in the river as on the photo below.
I then made my way to Trittiford Mill pool and again could not believe my luck when straight away I heard a Kingfisher call. It took me a short while to work out where it was and then I saw it fishing and flying along the River Cole.
On the Sunday 17th February, I checked out the River Rea at Wychall, no Kingfisher so I thought I best take a look at Merecroft Pool. First there was a Little Egret, then a pair of Teal, then a single Female Goosander, then on the far side of the pool, I just saw the Kingfisher fly to the reeds.
Then I saw it diving from a tree over the pool on the opposite side of the pool.
Later Sunday I checked out the River Tame at Spaghetti Junction, first I saw a female Goosander, then I though I heard a Kingfisher call but didn't see it. I continued to where the River Rea joins the River Tame. You can't really see much as there's no good view point but there is a slight gap to get a view of the Tame and what flew out, yes a Kingfisher!
Seven Kingfisher for the weekend!

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Birmingham Kingfisher January 2019

Birmingham Kingfisher present in January 2019 on the River Rea and Bourn Brook

Birmingham Kingfisher December 2018

Birmingham Kingfisher present in December 2018 on the River Rea and Bourn Brook

Birmingham Kingfisher present in December 2018 on Merecroft Pool

Monday, 5 November 2018

Birmingham Kingfisher Update November 2018

Birmingham Kingfisher Update November 2018;
So the Kingfisher return continues;
On the River Rea the Kingfisher has been tricky to find repeatedly on the Selly Park section. I took a look one weekend along the Lifford Lane and where the Rea crosses the canal and there were a couple there.
Last Saturday the Kingfisher was on the stretch down from the Bourn joining.
I then took a look Sunday and heard repetitive calling from the Bourn joining. On taking a closer look two Kingfisher flew out from the bank.
Then close to Dad's Lane there was another Kingfisher in the hidden section near where they've nested before. It was in the bushes over the river and flew up and over the bush.

These Kingfisher on the Rea could be the two I saw on the Bourn early one morning. They were chasing and calling. Before that I had seen one over the Bourn near the Cadbury works.

Meanwhile on the Bourn Brook, I've seen two chasing along there by the blue and grey bridges. A single Kingfisher is now pretty regular along the Bourn Brook from the New Fosse Way roundabout to the blue bridge.
I've seen one as far along as Woodgate Valley but always difficult to find there.

Back to the River Rea, I saw a Kingfisher on Merecroft Pool a couple times. It was very vocal.
Further along at the end of the River Rea, I found two Kingfisher where it joins the River Tame. I've not visited this area of the River Tame that much this year but during mid summer and late summer I saw a Kingfisher there so maybe they were there over Spring and Summer.

The other regular sight of course was the River Cole at Trittiford where I know the pair of Kingfisher had one brood of chicks fledge, plus I'm pretty sure another later brood fledged but I was away during the week so missed them.

The other Kingfisher I saw a few times was on the River Cole at Babbs Mill.
Then I saw one at Meriden Park.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Birmingham Kingfisher August 2018

So finally some new Kingfisher appeared back on the Bourn, Bourn Brook annd River Rea.
The new Kingfisher on the River Rea I saw a few times but always tricky to find.
The new Kingfisher on the Bourn Brook I've seen it once.
Trevor Jones saw a new Kingfisher on the Bourn.
These are all the first sightings since the beast from the east and all the rain that followed.
Also I saw one along the River Tame under Spaghetti Junction. I've only visited here a few times this year.